Certified Nurses Aide and Certified Nursing Assistants

The classes cover a broad range of topics, ranging from how to bathe a patient, to positioning a patient properly. You will learn about abuse and neglect, how to feed and dress a patient, proper body mechanics for lifting and turning patients. Also, topics such as recognizing depression, dealing with dementia, infection control issues, and catheter care. There is much to learn, and the classroom time is 60 hours that is partly lecture and part hands on skills training. The clinical aspect is 40 hours and that is where you will be working during shifts at a clinical site and mastering all the skills you were taught during your lecture and skills training.

At the end of clinical class, students who attain a passing grade will then be awarded the certificate of completion from Academy of Medical Training Inc. and then be allowed to sign up for the state exam to become licensed Certified Nurses Aides. The test will be administered to determine competency. This test consists of two parts, written and clinical. The written test is made up of basic care giving questions, all of which will be covered during class hours. The clinical test consists of performing five random nursing duties while a state examiner oversees your procedure. The duties you may be asked to perform can be anything from giving a bedpan to weighing a patient.

The important thing to remember, during this test and always, is patient dignity. Some of the things the person administering the test will be looking for is whether you wash your hands properly, and whether or not you remember patient dignity by knocking on the door, pulling the curtain for privacy, and explaining each procedure to the patient before performing it.


Academy of Medical Training Inc. cannot guarantee our students that they will pass the state exam, it is up to the student and how well they prepare for the exam given the knowledge and information Academy of Medical Training  Inc. has provided. Please note that there is a $118.00 fee that must be paid to the state each time a student takes the state exam.


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Certified Nurses Aide Admission Requirements


All applicants must be at least 16 years of age with valid proof of identification. Students under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian signature to proceed with enrollment. Applicants must be able to speak, read, and understand English. A physical form will be supplied by Academy of Medical Training  Inc. and must be filled out proving a physical examination has been performed within the last year and also a negative PPD result within the last 3 months. If PPD results are positive, a chest x-ray must be done to prove a true negative result. Students will not be allowed to begin class without a completed Physical and PPD form.


Attendance/ Conduct Policy for Certified Nurses Aide

Students are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of class. If a student is late to class more than 3 times they will be marked as absent for 1 full class day. If a student misses class they are expected to notify the school and schedule time to make up the hours. All students must complete the total 100 hours, 60 classroom hours and 40 clinical hours. Students are expected to notify the school in the event that they are arriving late. During clinical rotation, tardiness is not acceptable, if a student cannot arrive to clinical early or on time they are not to attend clinical that day and are expected to call the school to reschedule the hours. Instructors have the right to dismiss a student from class/clinical due to inappropriate behavior, tardiness, or if the student is not prepared for class/clinical. If a student misses 2 or more days of class or clinical and does not make up the hours, they will be terminated from class. Academy of Medical Training  Inc. has a zero tolerance policy for disrespect. Any students whose attitude, behavior or conduct reflects negatively on the faculty, administration, school or fellow students will be dismissed from the program.  Academy of Medical Training Inc.  treats all employees and students with respect and expects the same in return. Students are expected to be free of drugs, alcohol, and weapons upon entering the grounds of Academy of Medical Training  Inc. or any clinical site. If students possess any of these items they will be immediately dismissed from the program. Cell phones are not permitted during class or clinical unless authorized by instructor and used in an appropriate area. Cheating, and plagiarism will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate dismissal. Students who are dismissed from the program for any of the above reason, will not be given a refund and are liable for the entire tuition payment.


School delays and closings will be announced on  NBC 30, all Clear Channel radio stations.

If the clinical site has a quarantine or has an issue for which it must not allow students to enter, Academy of Medical Training  Inc. will contact each student and reschedule the missed hours based on the availability of the staff and the facility hours of operation.


*Note that students are not allowed to leave class or clinical without informing and asking permission from the instructor. Smoking is not permitted at clinical or while wearing your uniform! If caught smoking during clinical you will be terminated immediately.

Certified Nurses Aide Program Cost


Tuition                                                                    $1300.00
Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)              $ 150.00
Supplies                                                                    $   50.00

Total                                                                     $1500.00


Certified Nurses Aide Grading Policy

All students are expected to attain no less than a 75% average on all tests given during class.

If a student fails an exam, they will have the opportunity to retake the exam one time to attain no less than a 75%. Any grade less than 75% is considered a failing grade.

A= 90-100




*Clinical is a strict pass or fail grade.

Requirements for CNA Certification Graduation


All students who complete the 100 hours of the program, receive a passing grade in clinical and a numerical grade average of no less than 75% of classroom exams, will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion. Note that until the student pays the total amount of tuition a Certificate of Completion will be withheld