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We offer CT CNA Testing For our Graduates Multiple Times Throughout Every month!

CNA Testing Application

Download and print out an application to be submitted with your payment of $118 directly to Prometric!

You must mail this application to Prometric be sure to include your EMAIL address on the first page of the application and on the second page under “PART E. Write “Academy of Medical Training Inc.” on the line provided to ensure you will be scheduled here for your exam.  You will receive an email with your AUTHORIZATION TO TEST LETTER (ATT LETTER) this letter will need to be printed out and taken with you the day of your exam along with a government issued ID (drivers license, state ID, or passport) This ID MUST NOT BE EXPIRED!

The date and time of your test will be included in this letter. You must arrive the day of testing at 8:30am and plan to be at the school until 4pm. Bring food and drinks with you and any study material you wish to review while waiting to test.

The written exam will begin at 9am on the computer 60 questions Multiple choice and your results will be given immediately after you complete the written test. The Skills exam will begin after everyone completes the written portion of the exam roughly around 11am. You will be taken 2 at a time into the skills lab to complete your Skills assessment portion of the exam. You will be given 35 total minutes each to complete the skills portion.


Clinical Skills

The following is a list of the clinical skills that you may be asked to perform during the Clinical Skills Test.

A checklist for these skills may be found online here:

Note: Your hand washing technique is evaluated at the beginning of the test. This skill is not prompted, which means you will not be told to wash your hands. Nurse aides are expected to know to wash their hands before and after physical contact (touching) with the resident.


A.  Ambulate the resident using a transfer/gait belt
B.  Assist resident needing to use a bedpan
C.  Change bed linen while the resident remains in bed
D.  Change resident’s position to a supported side-lying position
E.  Dress a resident who has a weak arm
F.  Empty contents of resident’s urinary drainage bag, and measure and record urine output on an Intake and Output   (I&O) form
G.  Feed a resident who is sitting in a chair
H.  Measure and record a resident’s radial pulse
I.   Measure and record a resident’s respirations
J.  Provide catheter care to a female resident who has an indwelling urinary catheter
K.  Provide foot care to a resident who is sitting in a chair
L.  Provide mouth care to a resident who has a denture
M.  Provide mouth care to a resident who has teeth
N.  Provide perineal care to a female resident who is incontinent of urine
O.  Provide resident hand and nail care
P.  Provide resident a partial bed bath and back rub
Q.  Provide resident with passive range of motion (ROM) exercises to one elbow and wrist
R.  Provide resident with passive range of motion (ROM) exercises to one shoulder
S. Provide resident with passive range of motion (ROM) exercises to one hip, knee and ankle
T. Transfer the resident from the bed into a wheelchair using a pivot technique and a transfer/gait belt


Hand washing and Indirect Care are mandatory!

Click here for the indirect care behaviors


1 measurement skill will be asked to be performed and recorded using the appropriate measurement form:  1 Bathroom skill and 1 Random Skill

Click here to view the form

Exam and related fees are as follows:

Clinical Skills Test and Written Test


Clinical Skills Test and Oral Test ( listening and reading from the computer)


Clinical Skills Test (retakes only)


Written Test (retakes only)


Oral Test (retakes only)


Reciprocity (Route 7)


Routes 5


Rescheduling Fee*

*This fee is required to reschedule a testing appointment. Payment of this fee must be made before the candidate can reschedule. This fee is the sole responsibility of the candidate and will not be paid by the state.

*Rescheduling fees are the sole responsibility of the candidate and will not be paid by the state. In-facility rescheduling must be handled by your site.

Regional rescheduling fees are as follows:
 $20 to reschedule up to five full working days before your test.
 A full exam fee if you reschedule less than five full working days before your test, or if you are denied admission into a test site for not providing valid ID on the day of your test.
If absent or late. If you miss your test or are late and are not allowed to test, you will lose your fees and must pay a new fee to test. If you miss your test due to illness or emergency, call Prometric. The rescheduling fee may be waived with proof of your illness or emergency.


Duplicate Certificates

Emergency closing. Severe weather or an emergency could require cancellation of scheduled tests. If this occurs, Prometric will attempt to contact you by phone. You may also call 866.499.7485 to see if a site is closed. If the site is closed, your tests will be rescheduled without a rescheduling fee.

Retesting. You must take and pass both the Clinical Skills Test and Written Test within a two-year eligibility period. A testing fee and application are required each time you take a test. You are only required to retake the test you failed. Note If you do not pass your exam within 24 months of completing your nurse aide training program, you will need to retrain before you can test again.

To keep your CNA license current CT Law requires Proof of PAID employment every 2 years! You must prove you worked a total of 8 hours every two years

Refer to the following form:

Page 13-15 contain employment verification forms that you use to provide this documented proof
Use page 13 if you work for a nursing home, hospital, homecare co, healthcare business or medical office.
Use page 14 if you work privately providing care for an individual and you do not have an actual employer.( the patient or the family of the patient is the person responsible for paying you)
Use page 15 if you have moved to another state and currently work in that state.

All these forms tell you exactly how to fill them out and where to submit them.

Before mailing this form to the CT Dept of public health, we advise you to make a copy for your records.
After mailing this form you may check the status of your license by contacting Karen Wilson at the Dept of Public Health in CT 860 509 7613 or by checking the status online on the CT Nurse Aide Registry
Your “expiration date” should be 2 years from the date you submitted the form. You will want to confirm this to avoid your license expiring.

*If you currently have an Expired CT CNA license and you HAVE NOT worked at all in the last 2 years, you MUST RETAKE THE CT CNA STATE EXAM to get your license reinstated

*If you currently have an Expired CNA license from ANOTHER STATE, you must complete an approved CNA Training program in CT to become eligible for LICENSURE. or You may contact the Dept of Public Health in the state your CNA license if from and find out how to get it reinstated in that state and then once you get it reinstated you may pay for “Reciprocity” $55.00 to transfer the license into CT. The application to apply for reciprocity is the same application to apply for the CT CNA State Exam, you just choose “Reciprocity” instead. (

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Questions that were not answered in the documents and information above can be emailed to [email protected]. In order for your question to be answered in an accurate and timely manner, your email should include your name, address, date of birth and Prometric ID (if known).

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