Attendance/Conduct Policy | Academy of Medical Training

Attendance/Conduct Policy

Students are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of class. If a student is late to class more than 3 times they will be marked as absent for 1 full class day. If a student misses class they are expected to notify the school and schedule time to make up the hours. All students must complete the total 100 hours, 60 classroom hours and 40 clinical hours. Students are expected to notify the school in the event that they are arriving late. During clinical rotation, tardiness is not acceptable, if a student cannot arrive to clinical early or on time they are not to attend clinical that day and are expected to call the school to reschedule the hours. Instructors have the right to dismiss a student from class/clinical due to inappropriate behavior, tardiness, or if the student is not prepared for class/clinical. If a student misses 2 or more days of class or clinical and does not make up the hours, they will be terminated from class. Academy of Medical Training L.L.C. has a zero tolerance policy for disrespect. Any students whose attitude, behavior or conduct reflects negatively on the faculty, administration, school or fellow students will be dismissed from the program.  Academy of Medical Training L.L.C. treats all employees and students with respect and expects the same in return. Students are expected to be free of drugs, alcohol, and weapons upon entering the grounds of Academy of Medical Training L.L.C. or any clinical site. If students possess any of these items they will be immediately dismissed from the program. Cell phones are not permitted during class or clinical unless authorized by instructor and used in an appropriate area. Cheating, and plagiarism will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate dismissal. Students who are dismissed from the program for any of the above reason, will not be given a refund and are liable for the entire tuition payment.

*School delays and closings will be announced on News Channel 8, NBC 30, all Clear Channel radio stations.

If the clinical site has a quarantine or has an issue for which it must not allow students to enter, Academy of Medical Training L.L.C. will contact each student and reschedule the missed hours based on the availability of the staff and the facility hours of operation.

***Note that students are not allowed to leave class or clinical without informing and asking permission from the instructor.